Service, Sales and Repairs of Mechanical and Electronic Time Recorders


  • Very easy to install, configure and use.
  • No annual license fee on software.
  • Comes with instructional manuals.
  • On PC editing of clocking data - missing clockings.
  • Multiple Departments, Shifts & Schedules.
  • Worked Hours Calculated to the minute with Overtime Facility.
  • Data Exported to Excel for Payroll Calculation.

 Up to 1500 Staff members per unit!

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About YAK Online

Our T23 Fingerprint device has been at the forefront of consumer fingerprint products, providing innovative, high-value solutions for business and consumers.

Their seventeen R&D members have more than 10 years experience in this field to ensure they are at the height of biometric fingerprint systems.

Their fingerprint products are featured by the integration of their excellent system design and the precision in algorithms. They offer their global clients with fingerprint products of competitive price, superior quality and good performance.
And have become a reputable OEM/ODM manufacturer all over the world.

Their products are sold in Asia, Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Southern Africa. We strive in providing our customers with excellent service and support.

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